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Beyachad Foundation- Together for Success program

The aim of the program is to increase the number of students in technology colleges who successfully complete their studies and integrate into industry in the field they have studied. The study examines the implementation of the pilot program at three colleges and offers a theory of change and an optimal model for future intervention.
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The Social Solidarity Foundation- The WE19 initiative

The WE19 project was established by The Social Solidarity Foundation and is intended to support small and start-up businesses in Israeli society. The project launched in October 2020 and came to conclusion provided growth grants of up to 50,000 NIS, to selected businesses. 2,340 business owners were to receive grants.
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The Opportunity Fund- A concluding document

The Opportunity Fund is an International Partnership of Foundations dedicated to advancing marginalized young adults in Israel. The mission is to enable young people from marginalized groups in the population, who were not drafted into the army, to contribute to society and volunteer for quality National Civic Service that will help them integrate and achieve social-economic mobility.
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Management in the Third Sector- What can we learn from successful business managers?

The study was conducted in the years 2007-2010, with the aim of developing new knowledge for the CEOs of social organizations so that they can maximize their managerial capacity, thus leading their organizations to fulfill their mission and increase their efficiency.
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Do and how Philanthropic Foundations Work Strategically?

The study that was conducted in 2016, examines the ways in which philanthropic foundations in Israel apply strategic processes.
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