Adva Research & Development

We incorporate a cutting-edge and multidimensional approach in our work that combines practical and theoretical knowledge from the disciplines of social action, technology and economics. What we do also reflects our values: fairness, collaboration, professionalism and responsibility. We are proud to operate in the social action and public fields and serve the goal of improving how they function. The company has three areas of operations:

Business Department

The Business Department is engaged in data analysis, statistical analyses, the development of machine learning models, and the development of software designed to support computerized processes. The data analysis is done using R and various Microsoft Office tools, while C# is primarily used to develop our software. The department, established in 2008, mostly provides services today for algorithmic trading in securities (research, model development, software development, data collection and operations).

Social-Economic Research

What distinguishes research that evaluates social and economic achievements? That type of evaluation research seeks to assess the achievements and impact of social actions or social projects, and adds the measurement of their economic value to the measurement of what the social intervention achieves. Whereas evaluation research answers questions like – did the program achieve the desired results and in what way, or what added value and impact does it have - economic evaluation makes it possible to understand metrics such as the program's effectiveness and how the resources have been utilized and, oftentimes, to calculate the economic return on the social investment as well

Social Department

We provide solutions to the nonprofit sector- foundations, philanthropists, social organizations (NGOs), social businesses, and impact investments. We assist them in measuring effectiveness and identifying their impact by conducting evaluation research, developing measurement capabilities and internal organizational evaluation tools, and formulating a long-term strategy.

Our Added Value


management positions
in the nonprofit sector
and in the high-tech


We combine our
academic, economic and management knowledge to provide practical and implementable

Understanding the challenge

We have an in-depth understanding of the
complex challenges faced
by social action


We make use
of state-of-the-art tools and customize them
to our clients' needs.


Our way of working is collaborative and flexible.

The Leadership Team

Yigal Amit

Founder, CEO and partner – Adva Research & Development

Prior to his current position, Yigal founded and served as CEO of Netvision – Internet Applications, a company that was a pioneer in developing and setting up large-scale, Internet-based systems.

Before his tenure at Netvision, Yigal was the Deputy CEO of Projects at John Bryce (Systems), which distributed Oracle products in Israel and integrated organizational systems based on Oracle Database and Oracle Applications.

He completed his military service with the rank of major in the Intelligence Corps’ Computer Unit.

Education: Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Swinburne University of Technology (Australia), Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Administration, Cum Laude, from Tel Aviv University

Ronit Amit

Partner in Adva Research & Development, founder and director of the Social Action Department

Ronit has extensive experience in senior management positions, including as CEO of organizations and foundations in the nonprofit sector and in the high-tech industry. In addition to her work at Adva, she devotes part of her time to academic consulting and to applied research on social action organizations and foundations. Some of her research has been published in international journals and has received the attention of professionals worldwide.

Ronit was a founder of the Gandyr Foundation – an Israeli family philanthropic foundation – and until recently served as its executive director. She was also the chairperson of the Opportunity Fund for National Civic Service, has served on the boards of various NGOs, and lectures at the Master’s in Nonprofit Management Program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Prior to that, she served as the director the Adler Institute and acquired widespread experience from the executive positions she filled at Israeli and international high-tech companies.

Education: Doctorate from the University of Derby (U.K.). Dissertation topic: “Achievement-Oriented Management in the Third Sector.” She has Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Management and Research

Or Amit

Or develops algorithms and software at Adva Research & Development.

Prior to his current position, he was a senior software developer at Modelity Technologies Ltd., a company that provides software services to numerous financial institutions.

Or creates content and is an analyst for the NBA league. He also took part in writing the book A Fairy- Tale Season, which was published in 2020.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Reichman University (formerly IDC Herzliya) and a graduate of a course on entrepreneurship.

Or lives in Herzliya, is married and has a son.

  • A team of outside consultants work together with us, including content specialists and research development professionals from diverse areas of knowledge.
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